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Welcome to our Karaoke Machines Page. Emkaraoke has over 32 years of expertise 1986 -2018 We've been supplying a huge range of karaoke machines, music & karaoke equipment from our store in Nottingham. We stock a huge range of karaoke machines to suit all budgets and requirements. . We are also specialists in karaoke packages for the home, pubs and clubs

100 watt karaoke machine system thats perfect if you like it loud but space is at a premium.

Karaoke Machine In a Microphone (Order Code Magiking III)


Mr Entertainer CD+G LED Karaoke Machine with Bluetooth


QTX QX05 High Quality Party Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Speaker with wireless & cabled microphones

Family Fun

QTX PA V2 Package Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Speaker built in colour changing speaker light show, Wireless and Cabled Mics


Starsinger BGMX1 Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Speaker with Twin Wireless Microphones


Mr Entertainer Hybrid Slimline Karaoke Machine (Play Package)


Starsinger New MFK100 Karaoke Machine Package (Order Code Essential)


Starsinger Home, Small Bar Karaoke Machine System with 100 Watt Speakers with Free Party Light(Order Code Duo)


Starsinger Karaoke Machine Package (Order Code Klubpack 8 )


Bluetooth karaoke machine PA System with twin UHF Microphones (Order Code PAV8)


QTX Pro 10 PA with 1 VHF Mic, 1 Cabled Mic Media Player & Bluetooth


Karaoke Machine Entertainer Karaoke Package 1200+ Song Package + Free Party Light (Product Order Code Entertainer)


All new 1000 watt 888M Karaoke Machine Package Including 1200+ Songs Free + Party Light (Order Code 888M)


Karaoke/PA Kit 1 (Ideal for Phones, Tablets & Karaoke Machines




Complete Karaoke Audio/Vocal Music PA (Order Code AVM1)


Complete Audio/Vocal Music PA Package (Order Code AVM2)


Complete Audio/Vocal Music PA Package (Order Code AVM3)


Star-Singer MFK 100 Karaoke Package

Complete karaoke package with 600 best quality songs

The only karaoke package in the world with lifetime warranty that even covers accidental damage at no extra cost

Karaoke Machine Package Club Pack 8


Since 1986 we have been supplying karaoke machine hardware, music accessories and equipment from top named brands

Karaoke machines for the home, karaoke machines for pubs and clubs  emkaraoke 2018