Transform your singing instantly - tips & advice for vocalists

Most of the people like to sing, but do not feel confident when using a microphone. If you dedicate yourself to know the way you feel and how the microphone sounds, in addition to practicing  you will soon feel at ease singing with one.
We'll give you some tips that you can follow to feel comfortable when you sing.

Check the microphone

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1. Check that the microphone you use is the correct size for your hands . If you feel uncomfortable, politely asks a different microphone.


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Decide if you use a support for the microphone. If you're going to sing standing , you can use a stand. However, if you are dancing , it is best that you hold the microphone with your hands. If you're going to sit ( a) in a chair, a piano or other object , it is also best to use your hands. Finally , it is likely that the choice depends on the tone of the song.


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Make sure the microphone has the correct volume for your voice. The microphone should sound good , so you have to try some sung words. Adjust the device as needed until you feel comfortable with the sound.

Practice makes perfect

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Practice with the microphone position . Find your favorite way to hold the microphone . Experiment until you find an ideal point not too far away or near your mouth. Try to hold the microphone 20 cm (8 inches) from your mouth and move it initially within this range .

Be sure to stay close to the microphone. The persons who control the microphone volume can always lower the level if you sing too loud, but can not make you sound better if you do not stay close enough to the device.


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Test the microphone to get an idea of your feedback. For starters , you can talk to have a sense of sound , feedback and movement of the microphone. Be careful not to breathe too strong , because the microphone pick up the sound . Listen to your breathing and Have it in mind when you start to sing.

Switched or Unswitched

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Find the microphone switch . It may be embarrassing to leave the microphone on while you have a private conversation. Similarly , it is frustrating to start singing and no sound is heard because the microphone is off.

Sing a Song

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Sing into the microphone. Sing a song test . Note the same things you did when speaking, and the way in which the tone is heard.

Walk while you sing and hold the microphone. Do you feel comfortable with the microphone ? What changes have to do to more easily coordinate the actions of walking and singing into the microphone ? Note that the more you practice with the microphone , you will feel more natural.

Sing with confidence. The microphone is a tool, but not a help. It can be easy to try to hide behind the device and damage the full effect, so you should keep in mind that the microphone should not hide your face or give a false sense of security. Do not forget that everyone can see you! It is fun to sing and convey emotions to the public , so you must be careful not to let the microphone affect your ability to be emotional and interesting.